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Basic home sleep test rental with Viatom O2 ring

Basic home sleep test rental with Viatom O2 ring

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Everyone sleeps, but not everyone sleeps well.

With the O2 ring, you can now do a basic 1-4 night DIY sleep test screening to understand if you may have  sleep apnea.  Watch Parts [1], [2] and [3] of the video guide.

This academic article proposes that Oxygen Desaturation Index (ODI) can be a close alternative for Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI).

Proposed Oxygen Desaturation Index sensitivity to severe obstructive sleep apnea 

ODI less than 5 Normal ODI
ODI 5-15 Mild OSA
ODI 15-30 Moderate OSA
ODI 30 and above Severe OSA
  • Order a basic sleep test with the O2 ring via this page
  • We will courier the item to you.
  • Once you receive your O2 ring, on your smart phone, ensure bluetooth is on
  • On your smart phone, download the Vi Health app (iphone and android)
  • Turn on the O2 ring by wearing it on your thumb or index finger
  • Use the Vi Health app to connect to the O2 ring
  • Just before bedtime, make sure you are wearing the O2 ring on your thumb or index finger
  • The Vi health app will automatically record your blood oxygen and heart rate.
  • The next day, send us screenshots of your O2 ring readings on Whatsapp.
  • Sleep apnea sufferers might see their SpO2 levels regularly fall below 95%.
  • Once you are done with the O2 ring, contact us via Whatsapp to have the O2 ring couriered back to us. 
  • We would appreciate if you can charge up the O2 ring before returning it to us.


  • The O2 ring while being splash resistant, is not water proof. Please avoid exposing it to liquids.
  • The O2 ring while reasonably tough is not meant to take too many drops. Please take care of the ring for fellow sleep apnea sufferers.

Other Features

  • COMFORTABLE SOFT RING SENSOR: The lightest, smallest ring sensor for overnight continuous monitoring, durable and adapt to most fingers.

  • PROFESSIONAL APP & PC REPORT: Free APP & PC software provides graphic sleep report and trends of health data, reviewing real-time data in APP dashboard. Unlimited sharing of PDF and CSV reports.

  • ABNORMAL DATA MARKING: If the Sp-O2 level is lower than the preset threshold and heart rate is lower or higher than the preset threshold, the device will tell you and mark it in the report to help you develop a healthy lifestyle.

  • UNLIMITED STORAGE IN APP: When the device is connected to the APP via Bluetooth, the data will be uploaded automatically. The built-in memory can store 4 groups of 10 hours of data on device.

  • RECHARGEABLE: The device runs automatically when you wear it, up to 16 hours for a full charge.

  • HSA SMDR Registration Number DE0506605



Care Instructions

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