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Philips Dreamwear Under the Nose Mask

Philips Dreamwear Under the Nose Mask

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Your mask is half the battle.

At Yes CPAP, we've walked with hundreds of sleep apnea sufferers.

We've discovered that for folks with larger, longer noses (eg Western noses), most new users feel most comfortable with a compact, low profile mask such as the Philips Dreamwear Under the Nose Mask.  If you have a smaller, shorter nose (eg Asian noses), we recommend another similar mask called the Philips Dreamwear Silicone Pillows Mask.  

  • One of the best CPAP masks for beginners, with good price to performance ratio
  • Very comfortable frame 
  • I use this myself. 
  • Comes with M frame which fits most people.
  • Comes with 4 nose piece sizes - S, M, L and MW (Medium Wide). You will most likely find one that fits you.
  • Carbon dioxide vent on nose piece may produce gentle constant “air escape” audio that might irritate a small minority of people.  For those who are concerned about this, another similar mask is recommended - Resmed p30i.
  • Updated headgear design - headframe now loops away from the ears
  • Silicone material at nosepiece should last longer than previous generation Dreamwear Gel Pillows mask. 
  • Average lifespan of a new CPAP mask is around 6 months, before giving way to poor seal and "melty" / gooey frames.

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