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Resvent iBreeze Auto CPAP w/ Humidifier and Heated Tubing

Resvent iBreeze Auto CPAP w/ Humidifier and Heated Tubing

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Sleep is your Superpower. 

At Yes CPAP, we are fellow sleep apnea sufferers and have tried all the major CPAP brands for ourselves.  We picked the Resvent iBreeze as the best value for money performer, and we use it ourselves, every single night.

Inclusive Services:

We're ready to help you be successful with CPAP therapy. Note that the below services are free and optional whenever you purchase a new CPAP machine.*

  • Therapy commencement consultation by board certified sleep tech
  • Early days coaching for adjusting and getting used to CPAP therapy
  • Pressure optimization consultation
  • Mask fit coaching
*The above services will be delivered to you remotely via whatsapp, or in-person fees will apply.

    Additional Product Information

    • Universal Power Brick with Singapore / UK 3 pin power plug
    • Input 100-240v
    • Carrier Bag
    • Instruction Manual
    • Comes with 1x heated tubing and 1x non-heated tubing

    Product Specifications

    • Therapy Modes: Auto CPAP, CPAP
    • Ramp and Auto Ramp of up to 60 mins
    • Pre-heated humidifier feature
    • Humidifier has auto feature and manual settings from 1-8
    • Auto Start feature
    • Auto Stop feature
    • Mask Fit feature
    • E-Comp provides gradually increasing pressure over the first few days for new users 
    • R-Care provides optimized pressure, from earlier in the night
    • This is the iBreeze Auto. There is an upgraded version called the iBreeze Pro Auto which has an additional gentle algorithm, made bespoke for ladies.
    • Product Dimensions: 24cm L, 13cm B, 12cm H

    Other Details

    • Yes CPAP is the authorized and exclusive distributor for Resvent in Singapore
    • HSA approved (DE0507383)

    What else do I need?

    • You need a CPAP Mask to go with your CPAP Machine
    • CPAP Masks are universal, except for masks built for a CPAP machine called the Resmed Airmini


    Care Instructions

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    We Recommend the Resvent iBreeze Auto Bipap

    Everyone Sleeps.

    But not everyone sleeps well.

    Make Sleep your Superpower again with the iBreeze Auto Bipap.

    Check out this article on the comparison between Auto CPAPs and Auto Bipaps.

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